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SynTurf 1.0.1
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This tool will make handicapping and betting very easy.

Simple yet efficient, Syn Turf :
What is it ?
Using your favorite horse race magazine, or internet, you pick up your favorite handicappers for a race, then :
You add each of their selection in the application (from 1st to 8th, up to 8 horses)
Each horse earns points according to its positions
Add as many handicappers as you wish
You instantly get the mix of all the handicappers’ bet you entered
When the race is over, you set the arrival order and immediatly see how close was your bet, and how efficient each handicapper you set was. The great thing about this tool is that you can choose which handicapper you add based on its specialty (race type, location and so on). This is the real bonus of this app ! You are not dependant on the mix given by magazines based on their own choice of handicappers.