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Lists 1.5

Lists is an application for iPhone and iPod Touch which helps you manage the lists of your life. Shopping lists may be its primary use, but think also of the movies you want to view or rent, the music you want to buy, the things you should do or pack before a trip...
Making lists is a natural way of organizing things, and Lists provides lots of features over and above a simple note pad application :

Shopping Lists offer an easy way to quickly check items you need. Just enter new items once, then tap among all your items those you wish to display a green checkmark on, meaning you need them. Once done, in store, just switch to shopping mode to see every item you checked. Grab your items and let them go out of sight by touching their name and focus on what's left you didn't get yet.

Categories are just that easy to use as well. When making a new entry, assign and create on-the-fly categories that may be aisles, stores, events, etc... it's all up to you !

Application badge reminds you, right from the home screen, what needs to be dealt with or taken care of. The counter is fully customizable, you can for example count remaining items in some lists, and items you need to buy from other lists.

Sort items automatically or manually, by name or by date. If you choose to sort automatically, items will be kept organized that way even if you change properties or insert new elements.

Most of the actually available features result from user's requests, so feel free to ask! I'm always pleased to make people happy if I can, and updates will be free ! (I have no intention of rising the price, even if I add a lot of features later on)