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BuddyPop 2.5.8
How do I quit BuddyPop manually ?
Open a terminal and type : "killall BuddyPop"
My shortcut does not seem to work, how can I reset it?
BuddyPop version 1.0.1 and below has a bug not allowing you to set "a" (qwerty keyboard) or "q" (azerty keyboard) to be used as a shortcut. Quit BuddyPop (see above) and delete the preferences ~/Library/Preferences/org.tynsoe.buddypop.plist.
I cannot click the register button, what happened?
There is a problem with the 1.0.2 version of BuddyPop, click on the very top of the button, and it will work
The contact information area makes a big transparent hole!
This is due to a bug in Apple's framework, until I find a workaround you will have to set your monitor settings to 32 bit (Millions of colors).
BuddyPop should be localized in English, French and German, but it always shows English.
Due to a mistake when packaging BuddyPop 1.0.3, you have to check all languages in "Command-I" panel for the application.